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 Coarse Grade Air Filters
Coarse Grade Air Filters Our full range of Coarse grade Panel and Bag filters.
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 Medium Grade Air Filters
Medium Grade Air Filters Our full range of Medium grade Panel and Bag filters.
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 Fine Air Filters
Fine  Air Filters Our full range of Fine grade Panel and Bag filters.
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 Absolute Filters H10-U15
Absolute Filters H10-U15 Our full range of EPA, HEPA and ULPA air filters.
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 Carbon Filtration
Carbon Filtration Our full range of Granular and Impregnated Carbon Filters.
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 Grease Filters - Commercial Kitchen Canopy Filters
Grease Filters - Commercial Kitchen Canopy Filters Mesh and Baffle Grease Filters from the UK's leading manufacturer.
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 Spraybooth & Filter Media
Spraybooth & Filter Media A full range of Synthetic, Glass Fibre and Black Washable Filter Foam.
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 Filtration Units
Filtration Units Full range of Filbox Filter Housings.
 V Belts, Frames and Accessories
V Belts, Frames and Accessories For the best V Belt prices available anywhere.
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 Tecnical Bulletin
Tecnical Bulletin PDF Information Bulletins to download
Certificates Company Certificate library - downloadable PDF files
Jasun Envirocare Products and Services

At Jasun Envirocare Plc we manufacture a wide range of Air Filters. We manufacture panel filters, using Kimberley Clark patented Intrepid media, Bag Filters, Grease Filters, HEPA filters, both minipleat and deep pleat. We also manufacture a wide range of carbon filters. Jasun Filtration is a one stop shop for spray booth filters including Andrea Card paint spray booth filters and filter media. A full range of our filters can be seen at www.jasunfiltration.com and www.jfilters.com and if you have an urgent requirement we can dispatch same day for orders placed at www.filtersnnextday.com
  • The Energy Saver panel filter is a disposable product offering a basic level of filtration, or pre-filtration in HEVAC applications. This product is made using patented Kimberly Clark media which combined in the unique way Jasun Filtration construct the filter can offer energy savings of up to 40%. With this product you will also reduce your carbon foot print.
  • Carbon Air Filters
      The typical carbon filter applications are :
    • Reduction of Cooking Odours
    • Reduction of Kerosene Exhaust Fumes
    • General Odour Reduction
    • Neutralisation of Ammonia and its Derivatives
    • Removal of Formaldehyde
    • Removal of Airborne Pollutants and Contaminants
    • Removal of Acid Gases (H2S, SO2, NOX, HCl)
    • Grease Filters We have responded to customer demand by launching a stainless steel framed filter designed to match extraction canopies in commercial kitchens and food preparation establishments. Available in brushed and mirror image options, the new grease filters are available in a range of sizes to fit most extraction canopies and flame guards.
    • HEPA air filters
      We have recently launched quality HEPA filters which are made utilising “mini-pleat” technology with production and testing plants designed to meet the most recent international standards. HEPA air filters have been traditionally used in hospital operating and isolation rooms, pharmaceutical and computer chip manufacturing, as well as in other applications requiring "Absolute" Filtration. Today HEPA air cleaners, vacuum cleaners and air filters are used in a wide variety of critical filtration applications in the nuclear, electronic, aerospace, pharmaceutical and medical fields.
      Jasun Envirocare Plc believes that as a leading manufacturer of air filtration products it should undertake responsibility for its filters from “the cradle to the grave”. Now, as part of its commitment to its customers and the environment, the company is launching a filter disposal service to relieve its customers of this somewhat arduous task. It has engaged a specialist team who will be responsible for the collection, recycling, and if necessary, the safe and legal disposal of its filters.

    In 2009 Jasun Envirocare plc became one of only ten European Air Filter manufacturers to gain accreditation to the Eurovent Fine Filter Programme. With the moto "Some Brands Never Mislead" Eurovent has sought to guarantee product performance in a market place where an ever wider range of filter media are available to manufacturers. Colin Hitch, Sales Director of Jasun Envirocare, said "Although all of the other manufacturers on this program are much larger than us we have sought always to offer the best product at the best prices and with the best service for our customers, and we felt that by joining this program we could add some comfort to our customers who do not want to compromise quality for the sake of price. We believe this program is important for the industry as more and more we are seeing in the market place very poor product, which can have adverse effects on energy bills, heating and cooling performance, as well as a reduction in AIQ"